Vol 5, No 1 (2014)

Special issue "Studies on Livonian"

Guest editors Valts Ernštreits and Karl Pajusalu

Table of Contents


Foreword / Eessõna / Eḑḑisõnā PDF
Karl Pajusalu, Urmas Sutrop 3-8


Personal names and denomination of Livonians in early written sources PDF
Enn Ernits 13-26
Livonian landscapes in the historical geography of Livonia and the division of Livonian tribes PDF
Urmas Sutrop 27-36
Metsepole Livonians from the 14th to the 17th century PDF
Aldur Vunk 37-60
Livonian – the most endangered language in Europe? PDF
Christopher Moseley 61-75
Grammatical changes caused by contact between Livonian and Latvian PDF
Valts Ernštreits, Gunta Kļava 77-90
The order between productivity and non-productivity – are Livonian frequentative verbs derivatives or lexicalised? PDF
Santra Jantunen 91-116
Change-of-state predicates and their use for expressing the future: the case of Livonian PDF
Miina Norvik 117-148
The relationship between Salaca Livonian and Courland Livonian dialects PDF
Karl Pajusalu 149-171
Curonian linguistic elements in Livonian PDF
Lembit Vaba 173-191
Expressions of obligation, duty, and necessity in Livonian PDF
Tiit-Rein Viitso 193-214
Loanword strata in Livonian PDF
Eberhard Winkler 215-227
Livonian language texts in the Estonian Literary Museum 175th or Oskar Loorits fund PDF
Renāte Blumberga 229-242
Dundaga parish oronyms (hill names) of Livonian origin in Juris Plāķis’ Latvian toponym publication PDF
Ojārs Bušs 243-250
The Livonian-Estonian-Latvian Dictionary as a threshold to the era of language technological applications PDF
Jack Rueter 251-259
Survey of research on Livonian prosody PDF
Tuuli Tuisk 261-292

ISSN-L 1736-8987
ISSN 1736-8987 (print)
ISSN 2228-1339 (online)