Vol 9, No 2 (2018)

Erinumber / Special issue: "Livonian studies III"

Külalistoimetajad / Guest editors
Valts Ernštreits and Karl Pajusalu

Table of Contents


Foreword / Eessõna / Eḑḑisõnā PDF
Valts Valts Ernštreits, Karl Pajusalu 3-8


A journey of discovery through the Livonian world: the scholarly work of Tiit-Rein Viitso PDF
Tuuli Tuisk, Karl Pajusalu 13-34
The relationship between the Enlightenment and the survival of the Livonian language in Salaca Parish PDF
Aldur Vunk 35-59
Delights and distractions: descriptions and vocabulary in the 1927 and 1928 Livonian ethnographic expedition materials of Ferdinand Linnus PDF
Renāte Blumberga 61-80
Livonian social networks and language shift PDF
Patrick O’Rourke 81-107
Chasing Livonian heritage on the Livonian Coast PDF
Baiba Šuvcāne, Valts Ernštreits 109-128
The role of Livonian in Latvia from a sociolinguistic perspective PDF
Ina Druviete, Gunta Kļava 129-146
The l-cases in Courland Livonian PDF
Rogier Blokland, Nobufumi Inaba 147-164
Non-modal phonation associated with stød vowels in Livonian PDF
Uldis Balodis 165-187
Observations on affricates in Livonian PDF
Tuuli Tuisk 189-214
The supine inessive construction in Salaca Livonian PDF
Miina Norvik, Helle Metslang, Karl Pajusalu 215-240
Demonstrative proadjectives in Livonian – morphosyntactic use and semantic functions PDF
Marili Tomingas 241-255
Compound formation principles in Livonian PDF
Valts Ernštreits 257-277

ISSN-L 1736-8987
ISSN 1736-8987 (print)
ISSN 2228-1339 (online)