Typology of Uralic languages: current views and new perspectives. Introduction to the special issue of ESUKA – JEFUL

Gerson Klumpp, Lidia Federica Mazzitelli, Fedor Rozhanskiy


In our introduction to the volume, we address the history and current developments in Uralic studies, with particular attention to the evolution of grammar-writing since the very first Uralic grammars until today, and summarize some of the most interesting Uralic phenomena from a typological point of view. In Section 2 we show that, even though Uralic studies can boast a remarkable number of linguistic studies and a rich production of descriptive grammars, the published grammars often lack in comparability (as they use different terms to describe the same phenomena), international reach and they often are not typologically informed. Therefore, we advocate for a stronger cooperation between typology and Uralic studies. In Section 3 we present the papers included in this special edition of ESUKA, a selection of typologically-informed, data-driven and terminologically consistent studies of different phenomena in a number of Uralic languages. Finally, in Section 4 we present a short overview of some typologically relevant features in Uralic languages.


Uralic studies; typological features; grammar-writing

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12697/jeful.2018.9.1.01


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